Monday, December 31, 2007

Independence Bowl shines bright

The glow of Independence Stadium in Shreveport filled with bowl game fans was a great sight Sunday night. All gathered to see Alabama and Colorado fight for bragging rights following their 6-6 seasons.
'Bama never gave up their early lead. They won 30-24.
What started out as a 'Bama blowout though turned into a game. Colorado's offense finally showed up in the second half and started a run that kept fans worried and hopeful until 2 minutes remained.
Relive the game and review The Times coverage at the Independence Bowl site (located at

Notes for attending next year:
1. Use the parking shuttles available at area shopping malls. Save yourself the hassle of parking and traffic. The shuttle remained efficient and easy-to-use.
2. If you have bleacher tickets, be prepared to move from assigned seating. People standing and rabble rousers make it hard to watch the game, and shifting to open seats with an open view really isn't a problem after the first quarter.
3. Review the weather carefully. As the temperature dropped Sunday, gloves, jackets and blankets were a godsend watching sweatshirt-clad fans shiver.
4. Consider the crowd. Children will be exposed to cursing and drinking. This is not a major problem until profanity is directed back at the crowd. Some college-aged folks act untamed, and talking reason to them will yield little good. Move again to keep the experience fun.
Multiple photo galleries of fans and action are ready for viewing (sampling of images above right).

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