Tuesday, September 4, 2007

B-52’s Bark Warns Real Bite

It is hard to escape the reach of Barksdale Air Force Base forces. The re-creation of a 70-year-old mission flying 1950s era airplanes (three B-52s) equipped with new technology demonstrates how old dogs with a big bark can still bite. Fancy flying of the behemoths over 4,000 miles detailed by Times Military reporter John Andrew Prime underscores, “Threaten us and you will pay the price, for we can find you even in the vast emptiness of the ocean and destroy you.” The B-52 continues flying past predictions of its retirement. “The airplane is a bundle of contradictions,” he writes. Multimedia: Audio; Video; Photo galleries (1 and 2); And B-52 links (1, 2 and 3).

Rotary Club of Shreveport speaker
Colonel Michael R. Shoults, director of staff of Air Combat Command’s 8th Air Force, offered an overview of Cyber Command at today’s lunch: What it is, what it means and how partnerships with the community might work. He explained how the re-created mission – mentioned above –helps demonstrate cyber ops already undertaken by the 8th Air Force. He relayed a sense of hope that the major command might land here, and explained how that looming decision probably won’t impact the already-engaged cyber ops work at the base.

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Anonymous said...

But, apparently, those B-52s can't find Osama Bin Laden to destroy him.