Thursday, September 6, 2007

Coaches Offer Grueling Headlines

The summer heat wave is not as grueling as the recent coaching headlines. The reasons for removing Huntington High School football coach Mike Green (photo at right) are tough lines to fathom and consider. Sports should be about discipline, respect and performance on an even playing field. The violations pile on to a trend of malfeasance and misguided acts by people we entrust as leaders to our children. I won’t even get into recent admissions by politicians, a former Red River Radio manager and a few bad apples in the Shreveport police department.
We wish Coach Green’s LHSAA violations list and former Southwood High School teacher and assistant football coach Joseph Barbee's admission to molesting female students are the last harsh sports headlines for the rest of the season. Sadly, there is at least one other coach case on the docket.
Thank goodness we aren’t penalizing the kids. The sooner we can get past these headlines, the sooner we can back to the wonderful lessons embedded in high school football.

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