Friday, October 26, 2007

Bob Odom sees the S-Train coming

Why did Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Bob Odom drop out of the runoff and “retire”? Simple to reason.
Odom (top right) maxed out getting the number of votes he could against the Republican field in the Oct. 20th race with 41 percent.
He can't win.
He doesn’t have the support, resources, momentum or will to beat Republican Mike Strain in the Nov. 17 election. Even though Strain (bottom right) peaked at 40 percent, he likely would pick up the anti-Odom and Republican votes cast to the other challengers in the runoff.
When pressed about why he was “retiring” from the office, Odom acknowledged "the runoff definitely was a part of it."
Odom’s tenure has a history of corruption accusations and harsh criticism of his push to build a couple of mills in South Louisiana.
Odom did us a favor by keeping his engine off the track in a sure-to-happen campaign train wreck.

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