Monday, October 29, 2007

Bobby Jindal is on the line ...

Governor-elect Bobby Jindal called this morning thanking The Times editorial and community boards for endorsing him, for discussions of the issues and for even-handed coverage.

We talked briefly about Cyber Command and the list of good things going on in Northwest Louisiana. Jindal praised Governor Kathleen Blanco for visiting Northwest Louisiana more often than previous governors and pledged to do likewise. He explains he’ll be up here again soon.

Jindal sees the value in building up high-tech infrastructure -- as an opportunity to get ahead of other states. Jindal offered observations that some countries with rudimentary phone systems years ago leapfrogged us in technology. How did that happen?

The state with the best technology may be set to lead in an emerging global economy.

We appreciate his vision for a brighter and better Louisiana. To that end, The Times will continue to challenge and review the actions of government.

We are sending him links to our ongoing ethics series. We find it hard to accept that politicians who owe ethics fines can still run for office. Jindal agrees.

Lastly, he likens the transition process from Blanco's administration to his as “drinking water from a fire hydrant.” There is so much information and so much to do, so fast.

Jindal is expected to take the oath of office to become Governor of Louisiana on Jan. 12, 2008.
Up tomorrow: Blanco visits our community and stops by our offices.

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