Saturday, November 17, 2007

A bit under the weather

I haven't been posting lately due to a fight I'm having with a pretty nasty bug (infection). A few rounds of antibiotics these past weeks haven't done the trick. I keep feeling I've got this bug on the ropes, but, alas... I do hope to be back at work and posting on this blog within a week.
Your Sunday Times
Our news team is all set for election coverage tonight. Also, I'm looking forward to our report on the state of the YWCA. Of course, it will be a joy to relive the LSU(41) - Ole Miss(24) game in the Sports section. The game in Oxford did not disappoint this couch-bound editor. The blogs on the LSU game and the Louisiana Tech game are a treat you should review.
Looking ahead to your Thanksgiving Day paper
The Nov. 22 edition is produced as a Sunday-size paper. It is one of the biggest newspapers of the year. In addition to all the news stuffed in the turkey edition, it will be jammed with the holiday sales inserts every shopper will devour. We have to start the presses a few hours early on Wednesday to get out the door for early sales at Wal-Mart and other stores.

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