Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mountain view for Louisiana Tech

Two words: Appalachian State.

Ribbing the Michigan football fan, our publisher Pete Zanmiller, about Appalachian State robbing Michigan of their season in an early upset win is still a career risk. Some here have walked that road.

When Louisiana Tech lines up against penalty-prone LSU in Death Valley this weekend, they can draw inspiration from that game. Goliath can be taken down.

Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley has it right when he says he doesn’t need to talk about how good LSU is and explain that to his team. His kids and my kids know. But every game offers a chance to win and a chance to lose.

Tech can mount a true challenge if they bring inspiration and a belief they can win. They have to push aside the mound of prewritten, preconceived headlines. A “nothing to lose” mentality can work for you when you have everything to win.

If Dooley is looking for headlines to show his team, just remember what the scoreboard in Ann Arbor said on Sept. 1, 2007:
Appalachian State 34
Michigan 32

Louisiana Tech may be an under-underdog in comparison to 1-AA defending champ Appalachian State, but we love the message movies like Rudy offer: heart, hard work and perseverance can create miracles.

The Zanmillers know this too well.

Photo: (AP/Duane Burleson) Appalachian State Mountaineers head coach Jerry Moore is carried off the field after defeating Michigan Wolverines 34-32 in September. Michigan was ranked 5th at the time. Moore led one of college football's greatest upsets.

Note: LSU (2) vs. Louisiana Tech , 7 p.m., Nov. 10

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