Friday, November 2, 2007

Helping one animal at a time

The problems our community faces dealing with abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats are daunting. In Caddo and Bossier alone, we euthanize about 24 animals per day. We’ve observed Caddo’s troubles managing the parish animal shelter. In some ways, it can only get better. "These changes can't happen overnight. It will take time," said Caddo Parish Administrator Woody Wilson, wishing his magic wand could fix the ills and would move things along. Bossier is working to improve its operations too.

Caddo Animal Shelter photo and info provided (top right): This mix is still a pup and is neutered. He, and his big ears, wait for a new home. His photo runs Monday in the Living section. letting folks know he is available for adoption.

Many volunteers and animal lovers save animals in danger, hoping to help them avoid fates awaiting them at animal shelters. Consider local fencing champ Andy Shaw of Fairfield Avenue School of Fencing in Shreveport. With his 2-inch-thick scrapbook of animals he saved from the streets, Shaw shares a passion for making a difference one animal at a time. He’ll interrupt his life often to help hurting dogs on the street. A truly abandoned dog is easy to identify, he says. He cleans them up, starts any needed medical treatment and finds them homes.

Thanks to Andy, we have Sadie the newshound in our house (photo in right-hand rail). We didn’t know we would be so ready to have a dog again after our pound-found mutt Max left this world. If you are wondering how to help one animal at a time, there are many in need. Write Andy, or just go visit the shelters to find your next family member.

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