Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to the Future at The Times

We have a few changes to The Times in the works.
1. Our Friday Preview section is being injected with more content and more pages -- and being combined with the Friday Living section. Preview becomes a 32 to 36-page tabloid section. New features and favorites will be found:
--Video game reviews.
--Photo page of local faces out on the town. Click.
--Daily TV grid with weekend highlights
--Harriet Cole, Annie’s Mailbox and Billy Graham columns
--Puzzles and games
Preview editor Stephanie Netherton is leading this change. All this and more in Preview, coming July 27.
2. The old format for Sunday Comics (broadsheet) will return August 12.
3. We expect to make a few staffing adjustments to ramp up for high school football. I'll share more when we finalize. We are kicking our preps coverage up another notch this year.
4. The TV Book will return as a standalone section, but not with daytime listings. This is part of pulling the comics back out to a broadsheet.
5. Our Celebrations section is moving inside Sunday Living (part of making some of the aforementioned possible).

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