Thursday, July 19, 2007

The State of The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News is full of journalism to emulate. But some work has not paid dividends, yet. They have been dealing with the effects of grave circulation losses at proportions greater than most newspapers. After a 14% circulation drop, here is Columbia Journalism Review’s Damage Report.
Note: Remember The Times longtime food columnist Carolyn Flournoy? Her son Craig co-authored the CJR article.


Anonymous said...

That's an interesting story about the Dallas newspaper, but it begs the question: how is The Times doing? What is the circulation, and how is it trending? Are you losing experienced talent?

Alan English said...

Thank you for asking:
Recent numbers for The Top 200 newspapers' circulation are available: . We are down around 4% and daily numbers follow suit. Those numbers don't include our exponential growth online or new products. We have one of the fastest growing online sites in Gannett.
Year over year, The Times Information Center staffing has gone from about 64 to 61 staff members.
The Times has a diverse staff with wide-ranging experience. A few recent hires bring deep experience and show great promise, replacing a few who left for bigger jobs or personal reasons. I'll write about the new folks soon.
We are in a great position with the changes in the market. We have an array of Times products hitting the audiences advertisers want most (see earlier post). A 2006 market study (audited by ABC) shows us reaching 8 out 10 adults in the market each week through our products. Our "reach" into middle and high-income audiences and households is a point of pride.