Thursday, July 19, 2007

You can’t tax Cryer

Shreveport attorney Tommy Cryer shakes off tax evasion charges and is acquitted of two misdemeanor counts of failure to file. It has been the top news story on since last Thursday. Did Cryer find the income-tax-loophole Holy Grail? It'd be helpful if the U.S Attorney would call our reporter back...

Second place goes to a combination of U.S. Sen. Vitter stories: 1, 2, and 3 (no surprises here).

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1 comment:

Gary Thomason said...

"You can't tax the wages of the average American worker."

Seems to me that the more we learn about the income tax, the more we learn that it has been horribly misapplied by the Internal Revenue Service--the federal government.

Of course, it takes someone with an intense interest in the subject matter of taxes in order to wade through the muck and yuck then, emerge from the ever-encroaching federal cesspool with cognitive senses intact.

Certainly, it does not take a lawyer to do the reading and understanding part of the tax laws, yet in this case, it was indeed a lawyer, which naturally lends itself to the credibility shift.

Oh, the unanimous not guilty verdict doesn't hurt, either. In fact that one, two combination may well be reason enough that Mr. Cryer has been on the talk show circuit everywhere except Shreveport USA.

Thank you for posting the story on your blog!


Gary Thomason