Thursday, July 26, 2007

Have you hugged your Hummer lately?

Speed is of the essence in creating more efficient cars. As we turn the corner though, we don’t need the government pressing the accelerator.

Local General Motors plant manager Dave Gibbons points to flawed logic in lawmakers forcing higher fuel efficiency standards. The senate-backed push to raise CAFE standards in Washington may harm American workers.

Let the drivers drive the market force instead of a political deadline on technology. The BIG 3 hope for a compromise.
A repeal may be in order.

Being good to the planet makes sense, but we should examine the true impact of the logic we follow. Consider George Will's April column offering that a Hummer truck may be better for the environment than a hybrid.

"Speaking of Hummers, perhaps it is environmentally responsible to buy one and squash a Prius with it, " Will quips. His points are compelling.

Federal fuel efficiency requirements reject that consumer choices might apply just the right amount of pressure on the pedals of change. As a former GM SUV owner with a three-year-old hybrid in my driveway, I say leave the power to the consumer instead of the politics of Washington D.C.


HybridLover said...

Agreed. You can't force something that the public doesn't want. Furthermore, you can't force something that isn't realistic.

I'm working with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and we support the Hill-Terry amendment, which still accomplishes a combined fleet average of between 32-35 mpg by 2022. Unlike Markey's bill, Hill-Terry is feasible.

ianbui said...

The CNW Marketing's "Dust to Dust" study which George Will used as a basis for his ludicrous article has been thoroughly debunked. Please do your homework and stop the misinformation campaign.

Ian Bui
Dallas, TX
Alumnus of Jesuit H.S., Shreveport

trucker said...

CNW works for major automobile manufacturers. Independent? Who is their biggest client?