Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NFL draws industry ire with required advertisment-laden vest

The National Football League is setting fashion requirements for photojournalists: Wear NFL advertisement-laden vests while you work on the sidelines.
The NFL rebuffs concerns that this turns our employees into walking billboards for the NFL. Just let our photojournalists do their jobs without subjugating them.
Chicago Tribune: "We're not doing it," said George de Lama, the managing editor for news. "Absolutely not." If the rule doesn't change, the paper will cover the NFL without visuals.” More coverage boycotts are being considered.
The question goes beyond the fashion statement.
Seriously, journalists are supposed to be objective. And running around the sidelines with advertisements on our backs could make our credibility look even more questionable in already dubious times.” – Staff Photographer Greg Pearson (The Big Picture blog, The Times, Shreveport, La.)
The Canon camera company logo is a concern. What next? Will we be told what camera equipment to use on the sidelines? See more photos of the vest at Photo District News online. See more photos by Jeanine Fijol.
Along with the letter from the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the sentiments of the Associated Press Managing Editors, we strongly encourage the NFL to reconsider.

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