Monday, August 27, 2007

'Baby Blues' Is Readers' Choice

Some Mary Worth fans will be singing the blues - the Baby Blues.
About 2,000 online votes and 400-plus mailed ballots in The Times comic survey came to matching conclusions: "Baby Blues" should graduate from a Sunday-only run to the daily comic grid and "Mary Worth" has been voted off the daily Cartoon Island, a reference used to frame the survey.
From day one, voters were pushing "Mary Worth" into the boat, 2 to 1. No other strip came close to the commanding nod given to "Baby Blues," receiving more than 50% of the total votes, as the favorite in a swap.
As with any call for input that results in change, some will be happy and some will be mad. A few handwritten letters decried, "Don't touch the comics." Others relayed passion for more change than many (including me) would accept. Indeed, it is easier to NOT change.
We will remain open to new ideas. I try to keep that mindset.
Thank you for all your passion, your notes - for getting involved.
The votes are counted.
The single swap of "Baby Blues" and "Mary Worth" will start next month on the daily comics page.

Sunday Comics update at 1:57 p.m.: Upon delivery of the 9/2 Sunday comics from our printer, a printing error duplicated a page. This left some comics pushed out. We are sorry for this irreversable error. We will print any missing comics in Sunday Living. You will not be charged for laughing twice.

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