Friday, August 24, 2007

More Infants Die In Hot Cars

National headlines of children killed after being left in hot cars in St. Louis and Cincinnati are disturbing. This news should shake parents cited locally for leaving children unattended.
Consider the statistics regarding how often these tragedies are replayed.
If technology alerting parents (Child Minder) can save lives, maybe it should be standard issue with car seats ( comments). The nightmare of 2-year-old Michael Dupaquier dying after being left in a hot car is still raw. His father forgot the day-care run on way to his shift at the General Motors plant in Shreveport (August 2006). I still remember my own close call.
Technology might have saved Dupaquier. New parents should consider.
Another thought, always put your purse or lunchbox in the backseat with a sleeping baby.

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