Thursday, August 2, 2007

Local bridge review underway

News about last night’s Mississippi River Bridge collapse in Minnesota dominated our morning news meeting. The disaster is getting non-stop coverage all over the Internet. Review the Star Tribune or KARE 11 news coverage in Minneapolis. Primarily, we discussed how this news impacts our readers.
Obviously, a review of our bridges is needed. The Jimmie Davis Bridge (right) comes to mind, but that may be an easy target. Send our reporter John Andrew Prime ideas and your list of local bridges of concern. What do you want to know most?

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Anonymous said...

Every time I drive over the Jimmie Davis Bridge, I wonder when it's going to happen. This wasn't sparked by the latest events. For years it's been a concern of mine. I feel like the city should really be looking into rebuilding this bridge and making it larger. There is way too much traffic going across a bridge of that size, in my opinion.