Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daily Comic Strip Swap Being Reviewed

Get involved in the decision about The Times daily comics. Sunday's Baby Blues may graduate to a daily run. Are there some strips that should be retired to make room? Are there other titles we should consider?
Cast your vote.
If you have a suggestion not listed, send me a line. Write-in ballots are OK.
We hope to make a decision by the end of the month.
Note: Baby Blues illustration (right) is by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott. Get to know Wanda, Darryl, Zoe and Hammie.
Here are some additional contenders:
Cafe Con Leche, Dog Eat Doug, Flo and Friends and On A Claire Day


Anonymous said...

Why are all the "old" comics looking to get dumped? Me thinks it is because they are the most costly. And, since Gannett owns the Times, they are looking to replace the most costly, with the newest, cheapest comics. Most of which I have seen are very poorly done.

Why not look at some older comics that are out there, even if they have maybe been around a few or more years for consideration?

Anonymous said...

I think you should put Doonesbury on the editorial page, as its editorial comment as opposed to a cartoon. I also think you should consider a cartoon called "Drabble". Its very cute.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. Get rid of Doonesbury or at lease move it off the comics page. It's not funny, and is more of an editorial in cartoon format than a real cartoon.