Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sunday Comics Sized Up

As foretold, there are a few changes in store for your Sunday Times.
  • The Celebrations section is being combined with Sunday Living;
  • The TV Book is being separated out as a standalone section (again);
  • AND the Sunday Comics will return to the format they had a year ago, larger.

For Larry Anderson of Benton, this will be good news. He wrote asking us to run comics larger on Sundays. Here you go.

Previous changes allowed us to offer more local content. Now, we have a way to maintain that initiative and return comics to a size readers have asked to have again. Phew!

Later this month, we will ask readers to help consider new daily comics against some aging daily comic strips. Anderson suggested Mallard Fillmore. Get ready for that review. Watch for a Teddy Allen column on this soon.

Note: Baby Blues illustration by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott. You can follow Wanda, Darryl, Zoe and Hammie every Sunday.

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