Monday, August 6, 2007

New Orleans levees still weak?

“Stingy local officials actually helped scuttle a Corps plan to build pumps and floodgates along Lake Pontchartrain, a plan that could have prevented much of Katrina's flooding,” writes Michael Grunwald, author of the Time magazine article on New Orleans. Another “man-made” disaster in New Orleans looms in Time magazine article.
The review on New Orleans recovery and preparedness is pessimistic at best. Repaired levees don’t appear ready for another modest storm. “They're a frigging disgrace," says University of California, Berkeley, engineering professor Robert Bea. Louisiana State University hurricane researcher and author Ivor van Heerden anticipates another storm, "We better start getting ready." More “Katrinas” may be brewing.
Photo: Floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina flow over a levee along Inner Harbor Navigational Canal near downtown New Orleans Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. (David J. Phillip, AP Photo, 2005)


doctorj2u said...

Yes, it is pathetic. The government is letting us know exactly how important the citizens are to them

homeontherange said...

Would you invest in Louisiana?

trudeau said...

The article is saddening, but comprehensive. And I plan to use it in my world geography class
as first unit.